Hi, I’m Jaclyn!

I spent 6 months living out of the back of my Toyota Tacoma named Dwight, discovering new places and meeting new people. I loved it so much I bought a sprinter van, “Dwight 2.0,” and am in the process of converting it to do van life full time!

I’m glad you are here! I am documenting the real-life ups and downs of traveling: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are all on our own journeys, and I hope that by sharing mine, you will be encouraged to keep taking steps towards your passion, even, and especially when, it is challenging.

Thanks for joining the journey! I am stoked to connect with you.

What Stirs Your Soul?

Have you ever dreamed of living an unconventional lifestyle traveling the world, meeting people from different countries, and getting out of your comfort zone? Is there that little voice inside of you calling you to "just go" and experience life outside of the normal day-to-day routine? Do those butterflies of excitement arise when you think about experiencing a new place, culture, or adventure?

I totally resonate with that. That is why I was inspired to create this website: to encourage you that you are capable of pursuing your dreams, to provide you resources to help you live an unconventional lifestyle, and to let you know you have a tribe of like-minded people behind you. You've got this! 


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Tune in for my episode where we talk about the highs, and not-so-glamorous-lows of truck life and being on the road. We cover practical tips and advice to get you going, and about how you don’t have to have everything figured out before starting your adventure, however big or small. Just go! And yes of course…puns are included :)



COMING SOON: Inspiring travel stories, and helpful resources to get you on the road.


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Give Back On The Road 

COMING SOON: Ways to make an impact and serve others while you travel.

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